Connectivity Briefs: 3Com, Cisco

3Com reports wider losses as quarterly sales sink

3Com last week reported a net loss of $US86 million in its last quarter, the result of a 21 per cent decline in sales from the same quarter last year. The network equipment vendor’s loss for its third fiscal quarter was about $US6 million more than the same quarter a year ago. Sales were down about five per cent for the previous quarter, although 3Com’s losses in the prior quarter were greater, at $US138.9 million. The company also reported a $US40 million restructuring charge during the quarter. 3Com’s workforce was at about 2100 at the end of the third quarter, down from about 2900 from the prior quarter. The company also closed a manufacturing plant in Dublin, Ireland, moving the production to an outsourcer. A bright spot for the firm was 10 per cent sequential growth in its Wi-Fi, VoIP and security product lines.

Cisco issues SSL security warning

Cisco Systems has warned that an implementation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on some of its switches, routers and firewalls could leave these devices vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks. The warning, posted on Cisco’s website, said that some hardware and software products with HTTPS servers running OpenSSL (used for management and configuration) could be brought down by an attack designed to crash the HTTPS server on the affected device. Cisco posted information on how to fix the problem. Affected products include Cisco IOS 12.1(11)E, and 12.2SY “crypto” release versions and sub-releases. Products running this IOS image could include Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches and the firewall module for the Catalyst 6500, Cisco 7100 and 7200 series routers; PIX firewalls; Content Service Switches and the MDS 9000-series storage switches. Software affected by the vulnerability includes CiscoWorks Common Services 2.2 and Management Foundation 2.1.