Sony Handycam range

Sony has released five new Atrac CD Walkman A range of seven new Handycam models has been introduced by Sony. The cameras offer touch-screen controls and incorporate a built-in lens cover. They also feature a new operation button that resets the camera to automatic mode and adjusts the LCD display to show only essential icons such as power and tape length while enlarging icons for easier viewing. A start/stop button on the LCD frame enhances stability. The cameras are bundled with Picture Package software to enable users to create and edit home videos. A USB streaming feature also turns the camera into a webcam. The seven models also come with a charging station. The cameras come in a selection of colours, green, blue or white and range from a basic model through to an advanced model that contains a one-megapixel CCD and the Sony megapixel engine. The cameras are distributed by Tech Pacific, IT Wholesale, Blue Chip IT Distributors, Multimedia Technology, Global Business Technology, Electronic Concepts, Edsys and J. Mills.

RRP: $999 – DCRHC15, $1099 – DCRH20, $1299 – DCRH30, $1599 – DCRH40, $1499 – DCRPC108, $1799 – DCRPC109, $2349 – DCRH85.