SLI-Consulting sets sights on Korea

IT consultancy firm, SLI-Consulting, is seeking a data storage reseller to partner with large storage vendors in Korea to service one of the country’s largest ISP’s.

The deal with an un-named ISP (due to a non-disclosure agreement) is worth more than $US4 million to SLI.

SLI's principle IT&T consultant, Jose Goldmann, said the firm had built a significant presence in Korea through past deals.

“Most deals in Asia are based on a “who you know” basis,” he said. "This latest deal is with a company that has a good value proposition, and what we need now is a successful channel partnership.”

Goldmann said the firm was seeking systems integrators that were at the top of data storage.

He told ARN the consultancy firm was also seeking an Australia-based OEM (including server whitebox manufacturer) who would be willing to move into data storage.

“We [SLI-Consulting] are in the process of addressing whitebox manufacturing companies within Australia,” he said. “We haven’t marketed proactively so far, because most of our partners are gathered by a ‘word of mouth’ process through existing clients.”

Goldmann said that Korean country manager at SLI-Consulting, Michael Yo, was the first to introduce fibre channel storage into the Korean market.