Upsonic Power

Upsonic’s Lansaver range of 700KVA to 3200KVA UPS systems have been designed specifically for servers, telecommunications systems and sensitive equipment operating in unreliable power areas. The Lansaver features an advanced on-line, bi-directional inverter, which provides a fully regulated true sine wave output to the critical load. Upsonic Power’s advanced boost and buck voltage regulation enables the Lansaver UPS to accept input voltages from as low as 171 volts up to 278 volts whilst delivering a safe and secure output voltage without drawing on the internal batteries. The maintenance free rechargeable batteries will only be utilised if the input voltage falls below 170 volts or increases to more than 279 volts, thus extending the life expectancy of the batteries. The communications interface allows the UPS to monitor power quality, UPS battery condition and other critical information.

RRP: Lansaver 700VA, $660; Lansaver 3200VA, $1540