Spam fighter to open Asia-Pacific HQ in Sydney

Antispam software vendor Brightmail will open its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Sydney by the end of December. The centre - representing an investment of between US$1.5 and $2 million dollars - will have seven to 10 full-time staff and include a technical operations centre.

"We've made a commitment to global expansion. This year 20 per cent of our customers are international," claimed Enrique Salem, president and CEO, Brightmail. "Everything specific to the local region will be handled out of Sydney.

"We'll be hiring a managing director in Q4 in Australia for the Asia-Pacific region."

The headquarters will include a technical operations centre known as a Brightmail Logistics Operation Centre (BLOC), which will be active in the collection and identification of spam and distribute spam blocking updates to Brightmail customers in both the region and worldwide. The company also maintains BLOCs in Ireland and the US.

The BLOC will be operational seven days a week with full-time team leaders as well as contract staff.

One reason Sydney was selected for the regional headquarters was because of the company's success in Australia, Salem said. "This market [Australia] is probably the fastest moving for us."

For 2004 the headquarters will handle all of the Asia-Pacific including Japan, although activities in Japan may be reviewed in subsequent years.