Casio QV-R51

Casio has launched the second camera in its QV-R range. The two models are similar in most ways to the company’s popular Exilim models, but are slightly thicker. The QV-R51 sports a 5 mega-pixel image quality and its extra thickness is a product of the 3X optical zoom lens. There’s also a 2-inch thin film transistor (TFT) LCD on the reverse, which is bigger than the displays found on many competing cameras and one of the things that Exilim owners seem to love about the cameras. It runs on a pair of AA batteries. Casio claims two fully-recharged batteries should power it long enough to take about 900 pictures, or use it continuously for 2.5 hours, so a day’s average usage shouldn’t be a problem. It measures 88.3 x 60.4 x 33.4mm and weighs 168g. The camera is now on sale in the US and Japan for about $US400.