CMS tool moves to channel

Melbourne-based Taten is moving to a channel-only strategy for its new content management system - Quick To Market.

Previously, the e-business development company sold the tool direct to test the product itself and to test the market.

Now, Taten, which will act as its own distributor, seeks 20 resellers for Quick To Market, which promises to help SMES create and update their websites.

Channel manager, Melissa Curren, said six resellers were about to sign up to sell the tool.

The company expected to have 20 reseller partners by June.

Resellers for the $1560 product could include computer stores, systems integrators, ISPs and even accounting firms servicing the SME market. Curren claimed a major national printing/digital copying was looking at offering the tool to its SME customers and is looking at contractual issues. Taten CEO, Jeff Lim, said his product differed to others in that it was easy to use, fully scalable, and offered online payment, and newsletters.

His company would also offer resellers expert help, co-branded advertising, training and support services, plus discounts on software and licensing.

Lim said sales would be driven by online banking creating a community of 8 million net users, who would want to buy products and services online having gained familarity of the Internet through their bank.

The 13-year-old company also specialises in helping business re-engineer their processes around using the internet.