ADSL2 to heat up telco fray

Two networking vendors will offer their first ADSL2-compatible products this month, as the market reacts to telco deployments of digital subscriber line access multiplier (DSLAM) equipment.

D-Link launched its DSL-G604T wireless router and modem last week, while rival NetComm will follow with its own modem/router entry next week.

While NetComm's router will be ADSL2 compliant out-of-the-box, D-Link's requires a firmware upgrade.

The ADSL2 standard offers downstream data rates of 12Mbps, while its predecessor offers 8Mbps. The latest incarnation, ADSL2+, offers speeds of 25Mbps.

Netgear has also recently launched its third modem to support the standard. The vendor is using an ADSL2+ chipset in all future modem-integrated hardware.

Another major benefit of the ADSL2 technologies is better service over long distances. This is achieved using better signal processing algorithms.

Telecommunications companies are in the early stages of adopting DSLAM equipment, which should drive ADSL2 hardware uptake. DSLAMs will allow ISPs to provide premium services like video streaming.

Australian telcos to have deployed DSLAMs include Telstra and Agile Communications. Perth-based ISP, iiNet, has announced it will rollout its own national DSLAM network.