What's new from: Minitar, Netgear, ASUS, NetComm, D-Link, Linksys

Minitar Wireless 802.11g Gateway Router

The Minitar MN54G4R Wireless 4-Port Residential Gateway, based on the IEEE 802.11g wireless technology, is an Internet routing and security device combining firewall using NAT technology, wireless security with 64/128-bit WEP encryption, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Support, Mac or IP address filtering and network management support for the home and the small office segment. The MN54G4R has a built-in USB Print Server and also supports Optus Cable and Telstra Heartbeat. The Minitar Wireless 4-Port Residential Gateway is distributed in Australia by PC Range.

RRP: $199 (also available in a bundle deal with 2 54mbit wireless network cards from $299).

Netgear MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player

With Netgear’s MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player, users can now enjoy their digital music files from their computers and unlimited, worldwide Internet radio throughout their home. Netgear’s MP101 connects any existing home stereo to the home computer network so users can listen to digital music files with great sound quality wherever they like to relax and entertain. Easy-to-install software in one PC automatically finds all music files on any networked PC and collects them into one complete database. Remote control and a clear, four-line display lets users select music without even getting out of their chair. The Netgear MP101 is distributed in Australia by BMS, Express Data, J Mills, Synnex, Tech Pacific, TecVic and Tecksel.

RRP: $369

ASUS Pocket Access Point WL-330

Now hedging into the wireless market, ASUS has released the Pocket Access Point WL-330. It uses the 802.11b wireless standard which is now widely available in public frequency. The WL-330 might be pocket size but it acts as a three-in-one device — access point (AP), Ethernet Adapter and a Bridge environment where the WL-330 Bridge is connected to a dedicated Ethernet capable device. Suited to onfield research or data gathering ground teams, the device allows users to set up a wireless LAN environment almost anywhere. Adding to its flexibility, the WL-330 can also connect to the Xbox and PS2 consoles for wireless gaming, a set-top box, notebook and networking printers. The WL-330 is available now from distributors Cassa and Ingram Micro.

RRP: $199

NetComm NB1300 Plus Four W

NetComm has released the latest generation of its NB1300 ADSL modem, the NB1300 Plus Four W, which features 802.11b wireless connectivity. The modem contains a four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch for the sharing of a broadband connection between multiple users and devices. The NB1300 PLUS Four addresses security concerns surrounding high-speed Internet with network/port address translation (NAT/PAT) and DHCP allocation of IP addresses to protect connections from Internet attack. The NB1300 Plus 4 W offers NetComm’s Easy-Config solution that enables users to leapfrog much of the installation time and hassle thanks to inbuilt settings for all major Australian ISPs, the vendor claims. A PPPoE client is also embedded removing the need for users to install additional connection software while eliminating the process of logging on for every Internet session. The NB1300 Plus 4 W is compatible with all major operating systems from Windows 95 right up to the latest editions of XP, Mac OS9 through to OS X and up, as well as Linux. It also features connection status, time-server selection and half-bridge mode, plus up to eight virtual circuits, port forwarding, diagnostic, static IP and bridging. The NetComm NB1300 Plus Four W is distributed by Ingram Micro, Tech Pacific, IT Wholesale, BBF and Server Bits.

RRP: $299

D-Link DSM-100BT Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Kit

The Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Kit from D-Link, which includes both the DSM-100BT Bluetooth Speaker Adapter and the DSM-110BT Bluetooth Stereo Adapter, lets users wirelessly stream audio content to their speakers. The DSM-110BT is a Bluetooth Stereo Adapter for a CD player, boom box, personal MP3 player, or any audio player device or stereo. Audio cables are included for users to connect the DSM-110BT directly to their audio player or stereo to stream audio content to their Bluetooth-enabled speakers. The DSM-100BT is a Bluetooth Speaker adapter that adds wireless Bluetooth connectivity to speakers. The DSM-100BT features a standard audio jack that connects to powered speakers or standard PC speakers. The Bluetooth speakers let users listen to their music collection anywhere in their home, wirelessly. The D-Link Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Kit will be available in Australia in April through distributors Tech Pacific, Lan 1, BBF, Synnex, BJE Enterprises, Pacific Datacom and Page Data Products.


Minitar Wireless 802.11g Adapter

The Minitar MN54GU USB Wireless 802.11g USB2.0 Adapter is the no-hassle way of adding high-speed wireless capability to your PC. No cards, no screws; it simply plugs in to your USB2.0 port, giving you access to the full 54Mbps of 11g. The adapter features a USB 2.0 interface, secure broadband sharing, enhanced security WPA-compliant data encryption to help protect from unauthorised access. It will be available in Australia in March through PC Range.

RRP: $99

Linksys Wireless-G DVD Player

The Linksys Wireless-G DVD Player (WMLD54G) is a DVD Player and Media Adapter integrated into one device which lets users wirelessly stream video, audio and photos from the PC to the TV and stereo at speeds up to 54Mbps. Users can access content residing on the PC, media server, networked storage or other media devices for a more versatile selection. The device also allows users to access live Internet video and audio without the use of a PC. The Wireless-G DVD Player comes equipped with Progressive Scan for high quality imaging and uses an infrared remote control for operation and configuration. Connection to a TV and stereo is simple — use the included RCA or S-Video cables. The Linksys Wireless-G DVD Player is set for release in Australia in May or June and will be available through distributors Ingram Micro, Multimedia Technology and Tech Pacific.

RRP: $200-$300