Olympus digital camera warranties go global

Camera manufacturer, Olympus, has revised the conditions of its digital camera warranties to allow customers to claim repairs under warranty anywhere in the world.

From April 1, consumers who purchase an Olympus digital camera under warranty will be entitled to product repair services at any global Olympus Service Centre or authorised repairer irrespective of the country they bought the camera in.

Although the vendor already offers a worldwide service repair warranty across its range of film-based cameras, digital cameras and accessories have, until now, been sold with either a national or regional-based service warranty card.

This meant consumers who bought an Olympus digital camera product with a country-based warranty card in Australia could only have that product replaced or repaired under warranty in Australia.

A new worldwide repair service warranty card will now be included with all digital cameras and qualifying accessories sold after April 1, according to Olympus.

Those products sold after April 1, 2004, with older regional or country-based warranty documentation would also be eligible for worldwide repair service warranty, the vendor said.

In addition, products bought prior to April 1, 2004, which were still covered by a valid warranty, would be able to claim services and repairs under the new worldwide warranty conditions.

Customers will need to show both a valid warranty certificate as well as a proof of purchase document to claim repairs to their Olympus digital camera.

Although other digital camera manufacturers also support worldwide warranty services and repairs, servicing and repair conditions vary depending on the vendor and the specific products supported in each region.

For example, HP offers a one-year, worldwide warranty with all of its digital and video cameras, provided a similar product is sold in the country that the customer is in.

“HP has a worldwide warranty as long as the product is supported in that region," a HP spokesperson said. "As the digital cameras are sold in most countries then warranty is not a problem."

Products bought from HP with an extended two to three-year warranty contract have a country-based warranty. However, the spokesperson said HP allowed customers with an extended warranty contract to have their digital camera repaired in any other country that sold a similar camera.

“As long as the customer has proof of the extended warranty in the country they are in then it would be honoured,” the spokesperson said. “If the customer does not have a copy of the contract, then contact needs to be made to the country when the extended warranty was purchased to verify that it is valid.

“So, ultimately, it will be fixed in any country given the extended warranty does exist.”

In contrast, Canon’s range of digital cameras all come with a national warranty card, valid for 12 months.

According to Canon Australia, consumers who wished to have their Canon digital camera repaired in a country other than that specified on their warranty card would incur a service fee. Digital camera replacements under warranty must be done in the country in which the product was purchased.