Pacific Internet launches VPN

Pacific Internet is targeting SME's with its new range of private network solutions that allow small businesses to connect multiple sites to a secure wide area network (WAN).

The solution has been developed in response to small business’ growing demand for high-speed private links for secure exchange of data between offices.

Pacific Internet’s product manager, Kylie Hutchison, told ARN the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an affordable option for small businesses which cannot afford a great deal of IT spending in their budgets.

She said the VPN, which is delivered across Pacific Internet’s national network, could be set up for about $74 per site per month without the need for specialised VPN and security hardware.

PacNet will then remotely manage data storage.

“The PacNet National Private Network provides the same flexibility as a VPN solution without the need for specialised VPN and security hardware,” Hutchison said.

“We are putting private networks within reach of small businesses, and with the security equivalent to traditional leased line solutions.” Pacific Internet will use existing infrastructure to allow access to the private network from multiple technologies including DSL, ISDN, modem and leased lines.

Hutchison said it could also support secure remote access mobile workers over Pacific Internet’s national dial network. According to Hutchison, the VPN's contribute 33 per cent to Pacific Internet’s business DSL connection and revenue.

“It just goes to show how popular it is becoming,” she said. “There is strong demand for the product, which is becoming an affordable replacement of SME point-of-sale infrastructure.”

Hutchison highlighted the latest installation for Ted’s Camera Stores. PacNet installed the VPN at Ted's 17 retail outlets and head office for online training and point-of-sale activities.

Ted's estimates it will save $10,000 by reducing previous telecommunications costs and increasing staff productivity over the next year.