EMC equals big business for XSI

Storage reseller, XSI Data Solutions, hopes to join the top echelon of systems integrators by signing up with vendor EMC. The deal, which will see XSI take on EMC’s full product range, was inked just before Christmas.

XSI expects the addition of EMC will add an extra $6 million to its revenues this year.

XSI, which has been owned for the past 18 months by UXC, was taking the next step beyond fulfilling deals with its own branded product, XSI founder and CEO, Max Goldsmith, said.

The company had hit a ceiling winning deals over $1million, despite bullet proof references from existing clients, he said.

The decision to move to EMC had been clinched when XSI was knocked back on two deals by customers who said XSI would have won the deal if they had been offering EMC, Goldsmith said.

“It will be a lot easier for our sales guys to sell a branded name,” he said.

In return, XSI would be able to get EMC in the door with its own customers who hadn’t been receptive to the vendor in the past, he said. XSI would continue to offer best of breed solutions, including its own product where warranted, Goldsmith said. But EMC would allow the integrator to hit the high-end customers even harder.

EMC had been scouting around for a reseller partner to fill the gap left by merger and acquisition activity within the reseller market over recent months, channel manager, David Henderson, said.

Its contracts with both Ipex and CSC hadn’t been taken on by their respective buyers, Volante and NetOptions, although EMC was open to negotiation with the new entities, he said.

XSI was attractive to EMC because of its technical support and processes, and its national coverage, Henderson said.

The breadth of customers meant XSI would be selling its full range of product.

“The other natural fit was they’re a big partner of [recent EMC acquisition] Legato,” he said.

XSI was still in the process of getting its staff trained up in EMC, but had already brought the vendor in on several smaller deals, Goldsmith said.