Chip prices tumble

Intel released its latest round of price drops on its processors last week, while its cut-price competitor Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has cut its prices even further.

Intel's biggest discount is on the 233MHz Celeron chip, down 32 per cent to $US106 per thousand. The 233MHz MMX chip is down 21 per cent also to $US106 per thousand.

Other discounted chips are the PII 266MHz, now at $US198; the PII 233MHz at $US161; the PII 300MHZ at $US305; the PII 333MHz at $US412; the PII 350MHz at $US519; and the PII 400MHz at $US722.

AMD launched its K6-2 chip with a bang at the start of the month, and in line with its discount pricing, it will be priced at 25 per cent less than the comparable Intel chip.