Request cuts price of VPN offering

Request Broadband has announced a new pricing structure for its broadband Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, RequestVPN Lite.

It has also added new access options to its broadband network for regional customers.

RequestVPN Lite is the company’s budget offering, targetted at teleworkers, low volume users and small retail outlets that require VPN access. It is a combined ADSL broadband and VPN access offering.

Launched six months ago, the service’s cost has been softened with reductions and bundled blocks of free access - 500MB of usage is now included with RequestVPN Lite 1 and 2, applicable during business hours. Previously the service didn’t include any free business hours access.

Meanwhile, RequestVPN 3 has had a makeover, with a 10per cent price reduction.

"These enhancements reflect what our channel partners are telling us the market is demanding and reacting positively to," request product manager, Mark Di Iorio, said.

“Our partners are already telling us they are confident that they will be satisfying a larger number of businesses.”

Request has also made overtures to reach customers outside the umbrella of DSL with its new ISDN Alternative Access solution. Similarly, its other new ISDN service, RequestVPN ISDN Diversity, uses ISDN to compensate for ADSL outages, providing a continuous service for mission-critical access.

"ISDN Alternative Access allows client sites secure national access to the RequestVPN product where DSL is unavailable by utilising ISDN or PSTN infrastructure," Di Iorio said. "This is of enormous assistance to organisations with widely dispersed sites.”