Ninth Christchurch reseller falls

Christchurch-based Micromart has gone into voluntary liquidation becoming the ninth reseller fatality in the city in the last 12 months. But surviving resellers say times are no tougher in Christchurch than elsewhere.

"It's been a tough year and the Christmas period was not as good as hoped. Times are very tough in Christchurch for resellers," Micromart director Tony Hookham says. The accountant managing the liquidation, Warwick Ainger, says Micromart's shortfall once assets are liquidated is "going to be a large deficit". One manager of a distributor who does not wish to be named, told Reseller News that Micromart owes his company in the range of $NZ20,000 to $NZ30,000.

The managing director of Tech Pacific in New Zealand, Tony Butler and Electronic Resources director John Dunbar, both say Micromart owe it "small" amounts of money. Bonnie Burnard, Christchurch manager of Edge Computer, says her company is owed under $NZ10,000.