PC Briefs: Dell, Sony

Dell drops Computer, in name only

Dell still sells comp­uters but the new company name, formally decided at a recent annual shareholder meeting, reflects expansion into services and other products such as printers. The name change from Dell Computer is effective immediately. Three directors, Michael Miles, Alex Mandl, and Morton Topfer, were re-elected to Dell’s board at the meeting, held in Austin, Texas. Shareholders also agreed to implement a performance-based comp­ensation plan for Dell executives.

Sony gives its Clié a new look

Sony has lifted the lid on a new look Clié personal digital assistant, its smallest to date, that packs both wireless LAN and Bluetooth networking into a form factor like a mini-notebook. The PEG-UX50 Clié has an upper slab that houses the display and can be swiveled around through 180 degrees and folded back down to cover the keyboard so it faces outwards. The 3.2-inch TFT LCD has a wide aspect ratio and resolution of 480 x 320 pixels and can display 65,536 colours. The new processor, the Sony Handheld Engine, includes an ARM926 core and is capable of adjusting its operating frequency between 8MHz and 123MHz, as well as its voltage, to match the task in hand. It includes 64Mbps of dynamic random access memory and also features a built-in digital camera which takes images to video graphics array quality (640 x 480 pixels). The PEG-UX50 will go on sale in Japan on August 9 and is expected to sell for about $905.