In Brief

Symantec taps Dataflow

Symantec has appointed Dataflow as a distributor of its full product range throughout Australia. Dataflow will now be responsible for distributing Symantec's range of utilities, communications and networking software for the retail and education sectors.

"Successful distribution to the retail sector is a significant factor in Symantec's growing success," said Michelle Amery, general manager, Symantec Australia and New Zealand. "1996 has already proven to be a very big year for us, particularly with the acquisition of Delrina and the launch of WinFax PRO and CommSuite for Windows 95. Working with Dataflow in the retail channel ensures an already substantial knowledge base of Symantec products, as well as the smooth introduction of new products."

Apple signs up Reply for resellers

Apple Computer Australia has entered into a distribution deal that will see its entire Australian network of authorised resellers given exclusive access to Reply Corporation's line of DOS-compatible solutions.

The DOS on Mac add-in cards delivers PC performance for most Power Macintosh computers through dedicated processors and direct access to Mac peripherals, and has not previously been distributed in Australia. Apple has already entered into similar arrangements with several other add-on component vendors.

As well as the DOS on Mac products, Apple will offer the Reply Network Pac featuring dual TCP/IP support, a SoundBlaster daughtercard with or without parallel/serial ports, and a 5x86 processor upgrade card for Apple 6100 DOS compatibility cards or Reply DOS on Mac cards.

IBM debuts a slimmer, trimmer notebook

IBM has released the first in a new line of ultra-portable PCs, in the "ultra-light, ultra-slim" category. Rather than opt for the standard subnotebook form factor of less than A4 width, IBM has chosen instead to decrease the thickness of the unit. The new ThinkPad 560 measures 31mm thick but has a screen size up to 12.1 inches, equal to the largest available in notebook PCs, as well as a full-size 85-key keyboard. It weighs 1.9kg. The 560 comes with a choice of either a passive or active matrix SVGA screen, Pentium 100MHz or 120MHz processor, 810Mb hard drive, 8Mb RAM and an external 1.44Mb floppy drive. It also has Windows 95 preloaded. Pricing starts at $A5,028. IBM has also released the ThinkPad 365 business-oriented unit (expected to come loaded with Lotus SmartSuite in July - free of charge) and the ThinkPad 760 high-end notebook series. Prices start at $A4,845and $A7,439 Brad Howarth