Apple positioning campaign $5 million media push

Apple's new marketing exercise kicks off this week with some carefully targeted print and TV ads, as well as bus and other outdoor ads.

Apple sources say the "achievement" campaign from Clemenger will show how Apple products help people work.

Apple's marketing communications manager, Fleur Michael, says it is the biggest campaign Apple has ever executed. "We're talking to people who are achievement oriented and inspired by new ways of thinking." Ads show how corporate users such as Optus Vision and Fairfax use Apple machines, with the aim of fostering brand awareness.

According to Michael, "This gives parents and educators the reassurance that Apple Mac-intosh PCs are not only for them, but are the preferred choice of some of Australia's best-known companies."

Apple expects the campaign to generate significantly increased sales, as did the last one in 1994. Resellers will be brought into the picture in October with an in-store campaign.