OzEmail offers cheap faxing service

OzEmail says it can offer a national and international faxing service for half the price of Telstra, with the release of its new system for delivering facsimiles over the Internet. Sean Howard, founder and CEO of OzEmail, says the system had been developed "with two things in mind: cheaper faxes and better service".

OzEmail Fax will allow users to send faxes overseas and within Australia and nationally through the Internet whilst providing a support and follow-up service. The company says that sending faxes over the Net represents a significant saving for customers previously tied into the traditional phone line approach offered by Telstra.

According to company officials, the new service makes use of an "innovative system of interface nodes" situated around Australia, New Zealand and major overseas destinations such as the US and Great Britain.

The company also claims that the service is immune to bandwidth fluctuations, as it operates on a store-and forward basis.

"This is an Australian leading-edge technology from which we hope to generate export income from overseas partners seeking to provide the same access for their customers, and will stimulate further competition in the telecommunications market here in Australia," Howard said.