SA computer consortium wins $17m government deal

A South Australian consortium of computer manufacturers and resellers - Protech Australia, Lodin Computer and Microbits - has secured a $17 million deal with the SA Government.

The deal will see the consortium supply 9000 PCs to the SA Department of Education and Children's Services over the next 14 months.

The consortium was formed in October last year specifically for the deal and was chosen over two other contenders, Fujitsu and IBM.

Protech's chief executive, Nick Cuthbertson explained the reasoning behind the consortium: "Our concern was that the Education Department may have thought we individually didn't have the production flexibility and volume to handle their needs, and so by combining in a consortium we eliminated those problems."

Each company will build the PCs, which have been named EDUSA, to a standardised configuration, using common components and production processes.