Eicon Technology appoints Force as distributor

Eicon Technology has enlisted the services of Force Technology as a value added distributor of its entire range of connectivity solutions, effective immediately.

Force was added to Eicon's distribution channel in mid-April, joining distributors JNA and Express Data.

According to an Eicon representative, the company was looking for additional coverage in the marketplace and found Force had similar thoughts on market strategy and business philosophy.

"Force Technology is very focused on communications and networking; they're not one of the monoliths - they're a fast moving aggressive sort of company," said Steve Jones, Eicon sales manager for Australia and New Zealand. "Force's people impressed us with their knowledge of the marketplace and their way of doing business."

Tim Smith, marketing programs manager for Force Technology, told ARN Eicon's connectivity solutions covering remote ISDN access, WAN access and SNA host access complement Force Technology's network connectivity product range. In particular, Eicon's range of Diva ISDN link cards are of interest at the moment.

"We felt we had a void in our ISDN connectivity products. The Eicon Diva ISDN solutions and their other products complemented our current range of connectivity products," he explained, "With Telstra's on-ramp coming in late June, early July, basically all resellers that sell modems or go into big accounts are interested in having ISDN links at a low cost."

The Diva ISDN range of products start at about $802 RRP (ex tax).

Smith says the Eicon products will be of interest to a wide range of end users from the home office user wanting connectivity to either an ISD, a RAS server or wanting to rout between two boxes over an ISDN link, to large corporates interested in high-speed interfacing.

Force Technology

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