Sealcorp moves to total network solution model

Sealcorp Computer Products has discarded its "value-added, broad-based" distribution model in favour of an end-to-end solution model servicing the networking arena.

Under the new model, Sealcorp now has two business groups, one focusing on providing total WAN and LAN solutions and the other providing technical service and customer support.

To support this move, Sealcorp has already put on five staff and is looking to employ at least another 15 over the next 12 months, consisting of about 40 per cent technical, 40 per cent sales and 20 per cent operational staff. In addition, an office in Brisbane will open in July.

"We decided on this business model three months ago and we've been working with the vendors to try and pull it off," said Chris Spring, general manager of Sealcorp.

Two new distributorships with Novell and IBM PC Company were picked up in late May to complete Sealcorp's networking product solutions.

Spring told ARN that Sealcorp's product lines have been broken into five sections: middleware, network operating systems, the network's physical layer (routers and hubs), servers, and client technology such as PCs and printers.

The new deals will see Novell supply the only network operating system for Sealcorp, and IBM will provide servers, notebooks and PCs.

"We've already got the middleware portfolio from IBM, the physical layer products are provided by Digi, D-link and the IBM range of network products," said Spring.

Sealcorp has also taken on the sole distributorship of NewTech Distribution's PowerROM CD-ROM servers to complement its server product lines.

Sealcorp will be using all of the technology that it sells in-house, ensuring its network solutions have full interoperability.

"We're certifying interoperability, which means we will provide an entire WAN which is the server, the PC, the hubs, the routers, the operating system, and if the reseller buys all of that from us and it doesn't work on site - say if there is a compatibility problem - Sealcorp will fix it.

Certifying interoperability

"What we're saying to the reseller is you need someone to trust, who will actually say' if it doesn't work with all the bits we give you, we'll fix that at our cost'," Spring said.

Sealcorp will be holding a series of reseller presentations concerning the new business model. The dates are: Sydney 4 June, Melbourne 19 June, Brisbane 4 July, Perth 16 July.


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