Dataflow to flood entertainment market

Long established as a leading supplier of software for the education market and the retail channel, Dataflow Computer Services is now bidding to be number one in the market for entertainment software. Not only that, it also has its sights set on the business software market.

The company will set up a new division with a separate name (yet to be decided) and identity to handle the entertainment titles. It will keep the Dataflow name for the business market.

"We could have said we'll set up Dataflow Games," said Jeffrey Tobias, Dataflow's managing director.

"But people would have said, wait a minute, Dataflow equals education."

Dataflow already carries four of the top selling (in the US) entertainment titles in its catalogue, including Broderbund's Myst and the perennially successful Carmen Sandiego series. Other top sellers in the entertainment section of Dataflow's catalogue include Blizzard Entertainment's WarCraft series and Diablo.

More recently it added hardware to its portfolio, from Microsoft (mouse and keyboards), Logitech (mouse, keyboards, scanners and joysticks) and Hayes (modems).

Two years ago Dataflow launched the Kidscape concept of a retail space within a Harvey Norman computer store.

Fixtures and fittings for the Kidscape area are supplied by Dataflow which also supplies the staff and hardware. The retailer - Harvey Norman or David Jones - buys the software from Dataflow and keeps the total revenue for the sale.

"Kidscape has been a four-way win situation for us, the retailer, the software publisher and the consumer," said Tobias. "Where else can you get expert advice and a free trial of a $60 software product," he said.

For its new games division, Dataflow will focus on CD-ROM, Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64 platforms. "We're already acknowledged as being number one in education and number one in retail," said Tobias. "We aim to be number one in entertainment.

"People still classify Dataflow as being just in the education market which can be a double edged sword," he said. "The minus is people don't understand what we do, but on the plus side competitors leave us alone."

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