A home for PCs that are a tad out of date

A home for PCs that are a tad out of dateYou have a few old 386 and 486SX machines in the room out the back and are reluctant to throw them out, right? They could find a good home as part of the Computer Loan Scheme run by Technical Aid for the Disabled (TAD).

TAD is always on the lookout for PCs, printers and accessories to add to the scheme. The non-profit volunteer organisation is dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of technological aids for the disabled.

Funded partly by the Gale Foundation, the CLC charges $50 to disabled people to be part of the scheme.

"Not everyone with a disability is suitable for the scheme and many people just don't want a computer," explained Julijana Trifunovic, development officer with TAD. "When we started the scheme a few years ago we were happy to have 286 and 386 machines but these are really only suitable for introducing people to PCs," Trifunovic said. "To run modern software we really need machines that are more modern."

PCs in the scheme are stored at a warehouse donated by shipping company P&O Australia. A team of TAD volunteers sort out incoming PCs and components, and assess and repair them where necessary. As far as possible a standard operating environment is used for each machine to ease maintenance.

TAD is holding an open day in Sydney on 26 July and invites IT professionals to see the work it is doing. (Ring for contacts in other states).


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