PaperPort organises paper clutter

PaperPort Deluxe software from Visioneer offers a solution to help organise and better manage paper documents and improve productivity.

PaperPort now supports third-party, TWAIN-compliant greyscale or colour scanners; digital cameras; and multifunction devices. Now a 32-bit application, PaperPort runs natively on Windows 95 and on Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0, inheriting many of the features built into these operating systems, such as being able to access quick menus via the right mouse button.

PaperPort's enhanced document-management capabilities let me organise my scanned documents within nested colour-coded folders as many as five levels deep.

Another welcome feature is SimpleSearch, a tool based on ZyLab's ZyIndex text-retrieval engine that makes it easy to search for documents based on content, keywords, titles, or annotations. SimpleSearch also allows for adjustable fuzzy searching to compensate for inaccuracies inherent in OCR.

Visioneer has bundled Quicken Expensable SE, Netscape Navigator 3.0, FaxStorm Internet Fax, and PaperPort Viewer with the PaperPort product.

Also included is Visioneer's FormTyper, which is helpful for scanning forms and typing text into recognised fields.

Maintaining a strong position in application integration, PaperPort incorporates an unsurpassed technology that links the product with other applications. These links occur automatically, after which supported applications display as PaperPort Link icons. Also, PaperPort automatically links applications it supports as you add them.

New to this version are a Recycle Bin Link and an Archive Link for storing folder contents on other drives or removable media. However, I did find one quirk in the Recycle Bin Link; I could drag documents to the Link but I could not restore the document from the Recycle Bin. RRP is $149 for Windows 95 and NT.

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