New systems, warehouse for Tech Pacific

A multimillion dollar systems upgrade and new warehouse are two of the initiatives Tech Pacific will roll out over the next 12 months, as the distributor strives to increase its service offerings.

Tech Pac recently signed a deal with business process software vendor, GEAC, to implement new financials and warehousing systems as part of a $12 million overall upgrade.

The distributor is also close to gaining council approval for a new warehouse. Tech Pac's managing director David Cullen said the 28,000sq metre warehouse will be three times the size of current facilities.

Thinking long-term

Cullen said he hopes the warehouse, which will carry an expected price tag of around $25 million, to be operational between June and August of next year. "We currently have two warehouses - logistically that doesn't work," he said.

"Obviously it [a new warehouse] gives us more opportunity, more efficiency, and increases our offer to market."

The money being spent by Tech Pac is in line with long-term thinking, said Cullen. "We're thinking about 2000-plus - that's really the big driver.

"We have to be long-term, and invest from a long-term point of view. We've been looking at this for five years, so we've taken a long time evaluating alternatives."

The investment may also enable Tech Pac to move beyond its current bounds of IT distribution, Cullen said, although at this stage product customisation or configuration is not being considered.

He added that Tech Pac's investment in new software means it will be administering world class material handling and warehouse management systems. He expects the financials component to come online by November, with the warehousing component in place by January.

As for how the changes will impact resellers, Cullen said they will notice an improvement in the overall information flow.

"They'll notice improvements in our general service, our ability to get product to market, our ability to know what stock is moving, what stock isn't," he said.

"We will have a good understanding of our total business in detail, down to unit levels, however we want to look at it."