Avid brings desktop video editing to Wintel

Intel and Avid Technology have joined forces to bring video editing to the desktop and, in particular, the Wintel platform.

A strategic alliance between the two companies in March saw Intel investing $US14.75 million (equating to a 6.75 per cent share) in Avid.

Avid, which traditionally has a Mac-based product line, will develop products for Intel-based machines in return for the investment.

In-house editing a breeze

Avid's MCXpress video editing tool is already available for the Windows NT platform, and later this year an NT version of Avid Cinema - desktop video editing for the home market - will be released, with a price below $1000.

"The investment made in Avid is testimony to the direction Intel is taking in visual computing, and they saw Avid at the front of that wave," said Belinda York, managing director of Avid Technology Australia.

The corporate and institutional markets are the target of Avid's desktop video push, which has in recent weeks involved "VisualEdge" seminars held in Sydney and Melbourne to inform the market of desktop video capabilities.

Using MCXpress, videos can be edited on the PC or Mac, transported to the Web, intranet, CD-ROM or tape, said York, making in-house editing a viable communication tool for the corporate world.

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