Channel report impresses vendors

Vendor reaction to the full IT Channel Trends 1997 report, issued at the end of July, has been very positive, according to the report's compiler, Inform Business Development. "We're telling vendors exactly what's happening in the channel - and that's not always what they want to hear," said David Hancock, a director of Inform.

"Two of the main issues are the development of the industry and doing business on the Internet," Hancock said.

As previously reported in ARN (25 June, p3), more than half the amount of business that resellers transact with their suppliers will be conducted over the Internet by 2001. That figure is at 10 per cent presently.

The survey also found channel organisations are earning an increasing proportion of their revenues from services. The 1996 research showed that 30 per cent of all revenues in the previous 12 months were from selling services.

"The figure in this year's survey is 33 per cent," the report said.

Inform mailed out 7000 questionnaires listed at more than 5000 establishments in its IT Channel database. A total of 756 responses were received - a response rate of 15 per cent from all establishments.

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