Systems integrator sees mistakes

BOSTON - Systems integrators get a first-hand look at the information systems operations of a lot of companies, and according to one such professional, people tend to make the same two mistakes when attempting to beef up their network.

"A lot of people buy without fully understanding what they want [the technology] to do," said Rick Yodice, vice president of services at Triumph Technologies, a systems integrator that installs networks for banks, insurance companies and other large entities, While some users overspend, getting a more robust network than they need, far more people underestimate the demand that will be placed on the new network and underspend, Yodice said. People buy technology they think will solve the problem they were having in the first place, and it does - for six months, he said. "Mid-year, they're right back to where they were," and there's no more money in the budget to expand, Yodice said.

Though Yodice sees errors of IS judgment over and over, he also sees customers doing things right.

Many people have been quick to recognise the benefit of disseminating information through intranets and the value of having users, regardless of platform, access that information via a browser, he said.