Microsoft to detail Java plans

Microsoft last week at Internet World in the US unveiled Java tools and technologies designed to more closely wed Windows and the object-oriented programming language. Microsoft also detailed its Visual J++ 6.0 upgrade, according to sources close to the software behemoth.

The company also previewed so-called Windows Foundation Classes, client- and server-side Java class libraries, that will replace the current client-side Application Foundation Classes (AFCs) and the company's planned Enterprise AFCs, according to the sources.

The VJ++ upgrade sports a Visual Basic- like front end with such ease-of-use features as IntelliSense code-completion, and includes tighter links to the Windows operating system. According to sources, the Microsoft Java tool upgrade still purportedly allows developers to generate cross-platform Java applications.

The sources noted, however, that Sun Micro-systems' own Java Development Kit 1.2 also provides hooks to specific operating systems, counter to some of Sun's rhetoric about OS-neutrality.

Visual J++ 6.0 is slated to enter beta testing in April.