Final tickets await modem sellers

- In a bid to heighten what is at best dull interest in 56Kbps modem technologies, 3Com Australia is offering its resellers the chance top win free tickets to both the AFL and NRL grand finals.

The promotion, which ends this month, will offer prizes to resellers that sell the highest unit growth in 3Com US Robotics V.90 56Kbps modems compared to the previous two months.

The promotion includes all 3Com US Robotics 56K Faxmodems and Voice Faxmodems, US Robotics' Courier V. Everything modems and 3Com Megahertz PC card modems. To be eligible, resellers must purchase at least 10 3Com modems during August.

In all, 12 tickets (including interstate flights and accommodation) are available fro the NRL grand final, while nine tickets (including transfers and accommodation) are available for the AFL grand final.

If you are a reseller and would like more information contact: 1800 644 606.