NEC makes massive Cup Day plunge

NEC Australia Personal Product Group has unveiled a raft of new offerings in an effort to snatch back some lost mind share with its channel partners.

And it has done it with plenty of pizzazz, the star of the show being the PlasmaSync 5000W 50 inch screen (RRP $35,000 including tax).

Julian Walthew, assistant general manager, sales and marketing of the Personal Products Group, was conspicuous in his references to the new amalgamated group which now delivers domestic, business computer and business display products through what is fast becoming a very excited channel.

`We believe that with such a wide range of leading-edge products, NEC Australia will be able to take advantage of business opportunities our competitors have to drop because of gaps in their product offerings,' Walthew said. `Our commitment to the channels we have been establishing in recent years also sets NEC Australia apart from many of our competitors,' he said.

NEC Australia, the leader in plasma technology, is in the process of creating a new class of monitors and screens providing greater viewing possibilities in conference rooms, offices or much larger public spaces. As well as the PlasmaSync 5000W, NEC also announced the smaller (42 inch) PlasmaSync 4210W plasma screen model at a more affordable retail price of $19,250.

According to the vendor, the plasma screens are finding ready acceptance among customers needing to display information prominently in public places, and an increasing number of these thin screens are finding themselves in home entertainment centres.

Both PlasmaSync models feature a 16.9 aspect ratio, and as this is expected to become the de facto standard for monitors in the digital era, they are in sync with visual sources of the future - digital TV, DVD as well as computer graphic support. `The NEC proprietary technology behind the PlasmaSync screens includes Capsulated Colour Filter (CCF),' the company said.

NEC PPG's new data projector models included the portable, high-light output MultiSync MT840 and MultiSync MT1040, and the lighter `ultra-portable' MultiSync LT84 and MultiSync LT140.

Both the MT840 and MT1040 models feature built-in stereo speakers, remote control functions, mouse control, built-in laser pointer, source selection, and picture magnification.

The LT84 and LT140 models are described as being ideal for users who find themselves constantly on the road, weighing only 2.5 and 2.6kg respectively.

Reinforcing its position as a leading monitor supplier, NEC also announced new CRT and LCD models aimed at a broad spectrum of customers.

The 22 inch MultiSync FP1350 model heads the Professional Series of CRT monitors. As well as this, NEC announced the 19 inch Enterprise Series MultiSync E950. And at the value end of the market, the company previewed the 15 and 17 inch model in NEC's Value Series, the MultiSync V520 and the MultiSync V720.

`The new CRT monitors will help NEC Australia maintain its position as one of this country's leading monitor suppliers, Data Technology's product manager, Geoff Cottee, said.

Adding to the recently released MultiSync LCD2010 (20.1 inch model) and the LCD1810 (18.1 inch model), PPG also launched two new LCD monitor models - the MultiSync LCD1525M (multimedia) and LCD1525V.

PPG is also reintroducing the latest range of PowerMate desktop systems for the business, corporate, government and educational markets.

The PowerMate ES (Enterprise Solutions) and PowerMate VT (Value & Technology) deliver on TCO and security, and latest, most cost-effective technology respectively.