Australian dollar the key for Visio

Diagramming and technical drawing software supplier Visio has announced that part of its expansion plans for the Australian market will be the implementation of an entire pricing shift from US to Australian dollars.

Hoping that the change from trading in US dollars will help stabilise pricing, Visio envisages distributors, retailers and resellers will be able to plan their businesses with greater consistency.

According to Angus Robertson, Visio's business development manager for Australia and New Zealand, recently unpredictable price fluctuations and exchange rates prompted a need for more stability and market confidence.

"We are trying to remove some of the uncertainty by setting a stable price in our local currency," he said. "We hope that this will eliminate the need for price adjustments for our channel."

Jeremy Jaech, CEO of Visio, who toured Sydney last month confirmed Robertson's point.

"Over the past few months it's been difficult to have stable end user pricing for products when it's tied to the US dollar and its fluctuating around - prices can go up and down 10 to 20 per cent," he said.

"From the channel perspective, its important for our distributor to be able to give confident pricing to the reseller"Currently occupying 20 to 25 per cent of the Australian market, Visio is confident of emulating its American base where it holds 70 per cent market share. This growth is planned to come through an upturn in corporate sales, where previously relying on retail sales alone.

"We're shifting gears from viewing Australia as a very early development market to a market that's now ready for us to establish a local company and staff," he said. "We will also begin corporate sales in addition to the channel sales that we were doing before."