Internet telephony service to slash local call charges

Corporate telephone users stand to reap significant cost savings on international call charges if a new Internet telephony service from Justice Technology takes off in Australia.

Planned for worldwide launch this month, the service will be offered to large Australian companies to reduce international call costs and to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) seeking to launch alternative Internet telephone services.

According to Justice Technology officials, the service is made available using the voice-over-IP (V/IP) phone/fax IP Gateway from Micom Communications, a business unit of telecommunications giant Nortel, and provided locally through network systems integrator, ComTech Communications.

Doug Ferguson, Micom's Asia-Pacific general manager, said while its V/IP Gateway product has been available in Australia for around 18 months, users will now be able to access Justice Technology's V/IP Internet Gateway for high quality international calls.

"Justice bulk-buy access time from major carriers in the US such as AT&T and WorldCom," Ferguson said. "You will only pay the $US rate from Justice to anywhere in the world, which is the cheapest anywhere in the world."

As an example, he said Australian users can call Tokyo via justice for approximately $A0.75 per minute instead of the standard rate charged by local carriers at around $1.71 per minute.

The Micom V/IP Gateway costs $3200 (RRP) and is available from ComTech Communications. Ferguson said corporate users also need a dedicated link to the Internet of at least 64Kbps to guarantee voice quality.

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