SMEs get Active to answer demand

Active Australia has found its niche in providing affordable communications solutions for small to medium businesses (SMEs).

With former Microsoft sales and marketing man Tim Watson on board, Active is targeting SMEs for VPNs.

Watson said the SME market was much neglected and there was a demand for secure, affordable communications solutions.

"Until recently, even the capability for a company to extend its e-mail system across interstate locations has been financially prohibitive to SMEs," Watson said.

"By taking advantage of such technologies as the Internet, ISDN and Windows NT, we are able to deliver a networking solution that securely and affordably meets the needs of the SME market.

Watson said there has been a "huge demand" for Active's services since the company was established early last year. "Up until now, most of the attention has focused on shipping shrink-wrapped software products to this sector rather than consulting with these organisations to find out their real needs," he said.

Active Australia comprises two divisions: business solutions and an online division. The business section provides consulting services to businesses -- specialising in VPNs, Internet and intranets, Web site development and e-commerce. The online division is responsible for implementing these services.

Its services are distributed directly and indirectly. Active uses a handful of resellers around the country, and would like to build on that base.

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