TeamSAP partner plans

Client/server software giant SAP has announced the international rollout of TeamSAP in an attempt to assure customers of success with its R/3 solutions. With TeamSAP, the company is taking responsibility globally for the integration, coordination and certification of its partners and third parties.

TeamSAP is to be rolled out in more than 50 countries over the next three months. The foundation of TeamSAP is a SAP coach and the AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) implementation solution, which employs expertise gained from more than 13,000 SAP R/3 installations.

The coach is the SAP lead on the project, facilitating success through knowledge transfer, certification, resource coordination, quality assurance and project management.

Under TeamSAP, each implementation partner is certified as an AcceleratedSAP Partner or Powered By AcceleratedSAP partner. This certification provides a unified force of consultants, a common approach for rapid implementation and ongoing change, and endorsement of its partners.

Locally, more than 100 SAP consultants and 400 partners are part of TeamSAP and trained in AcceleratedSAP processes