Shrewd investor nabs 1World

In what could prove to be a pointer to future market consolidation, the well-known international investor that is buying specialist remote networking distributor 1World Systems is New Zealand-based Brocker Investments.

The twist in this tale is that Brocker currently owns another well-known distributor, Sealcorp. The near future will see 1World and SealCorp co-exist as separate, sister companies under the Brocker banner.

Mega distributor

While that line may be the case, at least in the short-term, speculation from many industry observers who suggest that despite its niche position as a remote networking provider, 1World will eventually be merged with Sealcorp to form a "mega-distributor" that can provide customers with an enterprise-wide solution.

1World represents a range of vendors including Fore Systems, Shiva and Ascend Communications, while Sealcorp distributes products from the likes of Novell, Digital, IBM and Lotus.

When contacted by ARN, 1World's general manager Nick Verykios was sceptical of any such future developments, saying he was confident the company would continue to provide its specialist marketing, engineering and sales services for emerging technologies to customers.

1World's growth over the last three years has been stunted by an ineffectual logistics system. According to Verykios, the Brocker buyout will provide his company with "established back-end services" equal to any player.

"For us now, it's continuing to do the same thing, albeit with a better, more mature infrastructure behind us," he said.

"The operation side of it, as far as I'm concerned, is equal to Express Data and Tech Pacific and the fact that we're allowed to sit on top of that is exactly what we were looking for."