UPS awareness up

According to American Power Conversion's (APC) Australia-New Zealand manager, Maarten Van Diemen, the ongoing power crisis in Auckland gives resellers a great opportunity to increase sales of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) over the long term because it has raised awareness of the benefits of UPSs in an under-developed market.

He claims UPSs are on 50Ð55 per cent of servers sold in New Zealand compared to 60Ð70 per cent in Australia and 80 per cent in Europe and the US. Van Diemen claims UPS sales provide "healthy margins" for resellers.

"People have woken up now and UPSs should be given much more attention. UPSs should not be regarded as peripherals. They should be regarded as fundamental mission-critical IT components," Van Diemen said.

A UPS protects computers from power outages and surges by acting as a filter and buys PC users time by providing a way to shut down the system in a power cut without losing data.