Winners and losers

Dunson, a Melbourne-based computer integrated manufacturing solutions provider, has been appointed the South Pacific distributor for several up and coming software packages. The packages include desktop utilities SnagIt and Smartdraw; Secure Desktop, which prevents unauthorised access to PC's and Servers; and Alert Page, a network monitoring and reporting package for NT and Novell. Dunson is also seeking resellers throughout Australia and NZ.


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Canon Integrated Solutions has appointed TelePacific as exclusive distributor of the Canon PowerShot 30T miniaturised digital camera. This is a boost for TelePacific, whose move into data products is just taking off.


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Information technology provider Origin has chosen Frontec's AMTrix System to be included in its set of preferred software platforms. Origin will use AMTrix to develop and support the core switching and integration functions in business software solutions that Origin provides to its client base.


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