Standards compliant 56K modem set for Easter release

One of the first 56Kbps modems based on the new ITU V.90 standard will be released in Australia before Easter.

The NetComm Roadster II 56 Ultra will be a dual-mode K56flex and V.90 modem. NetComm will also make a free online V.90 software upgrade for current 56Kbps modem users available at the same time.

NetComm's business strategy manager, Cam Wayland, said the two modes allowed users to use both V.90 and K56flex connections from the same modem.

"There will be a transition phase as Australian ISPs upgrade their equipment to V.90, and to protect customers we have developed a dual-mode product to be used with either V.90 or K56flex connections," Wayland said.

The new modem's Rockwell chip finds the fastest connections from the full range of possible modem speeds, including V.90 and K56flex.

The V.90 draft standard was announced in February and is expected to be ratified in September. The standard solves the problem of incompatible 56Kbps technologies and allows products based on the two competing solutions (Rockwell's 56K flex and 3Com's x2) to communicate.

The NetComm Roadster II 56 Ultra is expected to retail at $299.

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