HP's WRP on path to success

One year down the track, Hewlett-Packard is crediting its Workgroup Reseller Program (WRP) for increased sales.

HP introduced the program to help its resellers grow their sales through promoting its products.

Previously, resellers relied on HP distributors for most technical advice and training.

WRP involves an ongoing accreditation processes, including training education and support, to help resellers achieve sales targets. Some resellers have increased their HP sales by 500 per cent.

With more than 40 resellers now in the program, HP has noticed a considerable increase in its mainstream hardcopy products and non-peripheral products.

HP workgroup channel sales manager Craig Clements said the WRP had given the company closer relationships with organisations who address HP's system solutions.

As WRP enters its second year, HP will use the program to develop even tighter relationships with resellers targeting markets that will benefit most from HP's experience.


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