Bugs and fixes

Windows NT

Microsoft has released a hot-fix for Windows NT 4.0 that provides further protection of Local Security Authority (LSA) Secrets. The hot-fix provides additional encryption of this data, better securing it when it is on backup tapes and Registry backups. It also prevents the return of LSA private data to remote clients over the network and calls from unauthorised or non-system components.


According to Novell, if you use SETUP/ACU for IntranetWare Client 2.20 for Windows 95, the NWSER.INF file sets defaults for ADMIN.CFG in such a way that the following values cannot be changed: snmpEnableAuthenTrap, Enable Control Community, Enable Monitor Community, Monitor Community and Control Community. Modify NWSERV.INF to use the "noclobber" flag when applying values.


If you are using a Symantec Act 4.01 database on a Novell network and the database has a long file name, when you try to open the database by dragging it from the server and dropping it on the Act icon on a Windows 95 desktop, you may get an error message saying the database is locked.