SCO rolls out Intel-based messaging server

The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) last Tuesday released the first fully configured, enterprise-class mail and messaging server for Intel platforms.

The new server, the UnixWare 7 Messaging Edition, targets information technology managers at companies with 500 or more employees who are looking for an "all-in-one system that can integrate with just about anything out there," said SCO spokesperson Brian Ziel. The server is based on open industry standards, includes a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 3 directory server, and can interoperate with a wide range of servers, clients and software, he added.

Ray Anderson, an SCO senior vice president, said Messaging Edition was designed for administrators who manage large, disparate systems and are looking to simplify their systems. Anderson said the new server interoperates with a variety of servers, clients and software without requiring a lot of downtime.

UnixWare 7 Messaging Edition runs on the recently released UnixWare 7 operating system. Priced at $US2295, the package comes with the UnixWare 7 OS, 50 mailbox licences and support for 4GB of RAM and two CPUs, expandable to 64GB of RAM and 32 CPUs. Server and client software from Mountain View, California-based Netscape Communications is included.