HP Pavilion lines hog top retail PC spots

Hewlett-Packard has set the cat amongst the pigeons in the retail PC market with two PC lines -- the Pavilion 8201 and 3216 -- ranked as the top selling products, according to the latest figures from retail market analysts, Gfk Australia.

According to Gfk's figures, the Pavilion lines achieved top dog status during March and April this year. It recorded sales in excess of 18000 units, an increase of 73 per cent over the last 12 months. As a result, the Pavilion line beat Compaq's Presario and IBM's Aptiva retail PC offerings.

When contacted by ARN, IDC Australia could not reveal sales figures for either the Presario or Aptiva lines over the last 12 months.

HP's Pavilion dominance is also reflected by figures from IDC which show that during the first quarter of 1998 Pavilion PC's made up 8.6 per cent of the Australian consumer desktop PC market. This represents a huge increase over the first quarter in 1997 when Pavilion PC's had a market share of 4.2 per cent and ranked fifth. Meanwhile, HP's first quarter sales in 1998 grew a whopping 73 per cent compared to the first quarter of 1997, making HP Australia's fastest growing PC vendor, according to IDC Australia.

The success of HP's Pavilion products can be attributed to a number of factors. According to Robin Axam, Gfk Australia's general manager: "The largest and fastest-growing segment of the PC market is the Pentium with MMX, and 2.1 to 4GB of hard disk space.

"HP has tailored its specification for the Pavilion range to this market, and has therefore enjoyed great success." Tony Gattari, Harvey Norman's general manager of computers and communications added that HP's successful drive in to the peripherals and consumables marketplace also contributed to the success of the Pavilion PCs. He said Harvey Norman has been able to sell these PCs to customers as part of an overall solution, which can give both customers and HP dealers an edge over their competitors.