PC Makers Warn of Windows 98 Problems

Several PC makers -- including Dell Computer, Compaq Computer, and Toshiba -- are warning users about conflicts with Windows 98, and some are warning against installing the upgrade until patches are available.

"Please be advised that the new features in Windows 98 will require a new set of system drivers in order for the operating system to function properly," stated a warning on the Web page for Dell's Latitude notebooks. "In some cases, an update to your system BIOS may also be required."

Dell is testing CP/CPi, XPiCD, XPi, and LM Latitude systems for Windows 98 compatibility, and is warning users: "Dell recommends that you wait to complete this upgrade until [additional] files are available from our Web site, which probably would be after July 5."

Similarly, Toshiba posted a Windows 98 upgrade warning on its Web site stating that users of its recent ACPI-equipped portable models should wait until Toshiba makes available a new BIOS with improved ACPI compatibility.

"It will be extremely difficult or impossible to retrofit the Toshiba ACPI BIOS and the requisite registry keys after Windows 98 is already installed on the system," Toshiba stated. "Doing so would require deleting your registry and reinstalling Windows 98."

Compaq posted a list of conflicts and work-arounds relating to Windows 98 on its Web site. Among them: no CD-ROM support in DOS mode for Presario models.

Microsoft officials did not immediately comment.