Compaq updates ProLiant models

Compaq has introduced a range of upgrades to its ProLiant server line. Compaq's ProLiant 1600 and ProLiant 800, both dual-processor servers, are being upgraded to the Pentium II processor. The 1600 will run at 350MHz or 400MHz, and the 800 will be available with 350MHz processors. Other improvements in the ProLiant 1600 include an increase in 1in drive bays from three to five, support for hot-plug drives and optional hot-plug, redundant power supplies.

Improvements to the ProLiant 800 workgroup server include Wide-Ultra SCSI3 technology and more unit expansion bays, from five to eight.

Compaq is also phasing out Pentium Pro technology, now providing an upgrade board for its ProLiant 2500 servers to Pentium II processors running at 333MHz.

Compaq also announced its Professional Workstation AP200, an entry-level product, also using Intel's Pentium II processor running at 350MHz or 400MHz. The unit will sport from 64MB to 384MB of RAM. The AP200 will be available in August. Australian Compaq officials said local pricing has not been finalised, but the product would be available in August.


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