Microsoft Pulls Ahead of Netscape in Browsers

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has pulled ahead in the Web browser race, according toWebSideStory, a company specialising in Internet traffic analysis, traffic building, and user trends.

Internet Explorer currently accounts for nearly 67 per cent of browsers in use, compared with just over 31 per cent of Netscape Navigator browsers in use.

The browser market-share data has been published on WebSideStory's Web site, StatMarket ( The information on the site reflects data gathered from more than 40,000 Web sites using WebSideStory's HitBox tracker.

The bulk of Internet Explorer users -- 56.8 per cent of the total browsers -- were using Version 4.x of the browser, followed by 7 percent with Version 3.x; only 2.2 percent of users upgraded to Version 5.x.

Twenty-five per cent of Netscape Navigator users surveyed were using the most current 4.x version of that browser.