Start-up Illumin8 lights up procurement software market

An Australian start-up, Illumin8, has developed Merchandiser, an enterprise solution for business-critical Internet commerce. It is for companies like these that Vernon Keenan's words (see story above) about the battle for e-commerce business would be jarring.

Illumin8 managing director Chris Yeoh was touring with Keenan to promote Merchandiser, and his company's partnership with Sybase. Illumin8's e-commerce product has already collected an award at Comdex/Fall 97.

Yeoh told ARN that from 8 to 14 per cent of total revenue is absorbed by costs of supply chains.

Yeoh said: "Where we saw the opportunity in providing an e-commerce solution was not only in a point to point environment, but also something that leveraged the entire supply chain."

Illumin8 is claimed to allow manufacturers to bring product to market quicker, allowing information to ripple through the supply chain immediately.

Yeoh added that, although his company had partnered with Sybase, the application is developed to be database independent.

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