A room of one's own

Offices continue to be vacated and (very gradually) filled over at Compaq as the process of integration with Digital drags on. One surprise casualty is Jan Grassick, formerly manager of the company's enterprise options business.

Grassick was widely credited with building Compaq's local storage business, an area that has been rapidly gathering momentum for the company over the past 12 months. However, Grassick was moved out of her cubicle to make room for Digital's Stephen Bovis to take the position in the merged entity. Subsequently, she's handed in her resignation.

Grassick is unlikely to have much time to put her feet up and muse about the curiosities of her situation. Already, a number of storage vendors are being forecast as future pigeonholes.

Meanwhile, Ian Penman continues to expand his influence. As well as the managing director's office, his name appears in charge of the outsourcing business (see the lead story on page one of this issue), and (according to sources) he's the de facto marketing director over there. What's next? Minister for racing?