Acer CRW 6206A CW rewriter

This drive is deceptively easy to install. It doesn't need a SCSI card - it's IDE/ATAPI so it fits into almost any PC. It comes in a retail pack with easy-to-use instructions and equally easy application software from Adaptec. In most cases the user will already have a CD drive connected as master on the second IDE controller. Installing the new drive means setting the jumper to "slave" on either the new or the original CD drive.

Two Adaptec software applications come with the drive. Easy CD Creator allows the user to create CDs from scratch, including data and audio, and to make duplicate disks. What it doesn't do is check the legality of any checking job it's told to do. That's up to the user.

DirectCD software turns the drive into another logical drive. You can write files to CD-R (one-time write) or CD-RW (many times write) disks which have an assigned drive letter. That means Win 95 and 98 users can drag and drop, send to and save to, just as they can with any other logical disk.

We found the drive easy to install, easy to use and essentially foolproof. The RRP is $699, and the drive is 6x read, 2x write and rewrite. The master distributor is Servex and full specs and sub-distributor details can be found at ServexPh: (02) 9870 1949